Just $1 Will Make a HUGE Difference!

I am a Breast Cancer Survivor, but actually I 'm not exactly surviving, more like barely keeping my head above water.  You see during my treatment for Grade 3 cancer that was triple negative (the most agressive form of breast cancer) I worked.  And I payed my bills if not by cash then by credit.  I figured why should I apply for reduced cost medications and assistance if I can make it?  I wanted to save that for women with no insurance and no resources.
I had 5 surgeries, had double mastectomies, had 4 months of hard chemo and tried my best to function as a "regular" person.
So, now I am "in remission" which is WONDERFUL!  I will see my children grow up and that is the best gift of all!  The drawback is now that I am back to as normal as I can be, no one thinks of me as struggling, but I AM!
I am in deep debt and see no way of getting out without some help.  My credit is poor because I did all I could to actually pay what I owe instead of taking advantage of programs, and now I am stuck!  I continue to pay but am not getting ahead, not even a little.
If you would consider donating just $1 (or more if you so choose) to help it would make a world of difference in my life.
I understand if you can't or won't, It's just my last chance at getting my head above water.
Thank you for reading this far and considering a donation.  If you would like to donate, please use the following link:



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