Soil, Dirt, and Planet Earth

By: Tunisia I.E. Al-Salahuddin-BSHS/REIKI MASTER TEACHER


          From the old Native American and African way of healing from the Earth; many people tend to turn to mud baths to create healing and rejuvenation within the entire body. Believe it or not healing with soil from the planet Earth can be a way to eliminate sickness and disease; also creating a way of revitalization for the entire body. Natives of all cultures have their own rituals of healing they use with soil or dirt (clean soil). One of the ways I learned to rejuvenate my body or create healing is by releasing toxins back into the soil or energy pulling from the planet Earth.

What you do is find clean dirt somewhere maybe in your yard or even take a trip out to the ‘Red Wood Forest’ in California, or some other forest within your area. Dig a small hole deep enough to put your hand in or your feet in. Note: If you take someone whom is severally ill dig a hole large enough to lay them in, but do not cover their head at all. If it is hot or raining make sure you have a canopy for the ill person making sure they are not over exposed to the elements.  Once you have placed your feet, hands, or entire body in this hole then request that the Earth, your God, or Supreme Being pull sickness and disease from your body visualizing this being done then request the Earth, your God, or Supreme Being to Energy your body. This process should be done on a regular for someone terminally ill or for any person that needs to be rejuvenated.

In no way should anyone stop seeing their doctors, but if healing occurs continue doing this practice because the Planet Earth hears and heals daily. Many people remember when they were young and when they had a bee sting, burn, or cut the first thing some Mothers or Grandmothers would do is put mud on the sore area. Well this is the same measure of healing but more in depth. Many people have even gone to lengths to eat dirt or clay for healing purposes. Often it is said people eat dirt or clay due to a lack of a mineral within the body, but actually some clays and dirt’s have healing properties when digested and absorbed into your system.  If you eat dirt or clay make sure it is extracted from as far down within the Planet Earth as you can get it to keep from absorbing toxins or order some.















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