Team Rubicon Drops Cold Weather Knowledge Bomb

Team Rubicon Knowledge Bomb: Cold Exposure
Team Rubicon Knowledge Bomb: Cold Exposure
The snow has passed but a deep freeze is gripping the District. While winter's effects aren't exactly a surprise, Team Rubicon, a volunteer-led disaster relief group, offers the following tips:

Wear Layers Multiple thin layers of loose-fitting clothing is more effective at trapping body heat than big, bulky attire.

Get Wind-Proofed Don't be bullied by wind chill. Ensure outer layers are wind and waterproof.

Protect Your Extremities Exposed or poorly covered hands and feet lose heat fast. Same rings true for your noggin!

Take it Easy Tackle activity in short bursts and avoid building up sweat, which can freeze to your skin. Plus, no need to have a heart attack just because the driveway is filled with snow.

Keep an Eye On ... The young and the elderly are at the highest risk for cold-related injuries. Check on your neighbors.

Leave ... Leave your dancing shoes at home, or in your bag. Many cold-related injuries are related to trips and falls. Wear appropriate footwear when snow and ice is on the ground.

Keep it Drippin' Help prevent broken pipes by letting the faucet drip.

Rid Vents of Snow and Ice Blocked vents can lead to carbon monoxide, a silent, odorless killer. Make sure your carbon monoxide and smoke alarms have fresh batteries.

If the Car Breaks Down Stay with your ride. Don't risk getting lost in a snow drift. Before traveling, it is wise to have a full tank of gas, and to have a preparedness kit with blankets, food, and water.

More winter and preparedness advice is available online at Ready.gov.

About Team Rubicon Team Rubicon (TR) unites the skills and experience of military veterans with first responders to rapidly deploy emergency response teams. TR offers veterans a chance to continue their service by helping and empowering those afflicted by disasters, and also themselves. For more about Team Rubicon, visit www.teamrubiconusa.org.


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