Weird News: Bigfoot Sighting, Naked Chase, Parrothead Panic and Armed Robber in Bathrobe

The top weird news posts from the past week in Va., along with some headlines from across our Patch network.

Here are some of the weirder posts from the past week from our Virginia and D.C. Patch sites.

New Bigfoot Image Finds Creature in Virginia

Naked Man Takes Arlington Police on Chase, Faces Multiple Charges

Armed Robber in Bathrobe Wants Cash, Settles for Pizza

'Hand Gesture' Gets Handgun Response in Traffic Dispute

Parrotheads Blamed for Construction Delays...Again

And stories from across our Patch network…
3,000 Calls to Cops Not Enough for Florida Man

A Two-Headed Alligator in Tampa?

Wisconsin Rottweiler Coughs Up Wedding Ring 6 Years After Eating It

Snail-Sniffing Dogs on the Trail of Giant Pests


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