Arctic Blast: Georgetown Weather, Timeline for 'Below-Zero' Temps

See how cold it's going to get in the next few days.

Georgetown faces below-zero wind-chill temperatures. (Photo by Susan Larson)
Georgetown faces below-zero wind-chill temperatures. (Photo by Susan Larson)
Written by Mary Ann Barton (Editor)

After freezing temperatures and snow late this week, the Washington, D.C. area can expect to see even colder temperatures — what weather experts are calling a "polar vortex" — early next week, just as many head back to school and work after the holidays.

Here's the breakdown on when the extra-cold weather is expected to hit Georgetown in the next few days:

Monday: Rain and Snow

Just as the kids head back to school, the area will likely be dealing with a wintry mix, and heavy fog before 6 a.m., during the morning commute. NWS gives Georgetown an 80 percent chance of snow and rain Monday. Highs in the 40s, but temps begin to plummet in the afternoon.

Monday Night: Bitter Cold Starts
Get ready to bundle up. Temperatures will plummet to 6 degrees for a low (and that's not even the wind chill temperature). Wind chill 5 below.

Tuesday: Bitter Cold
Kids will really need to dress warmly for school, with temperatures reaching only 15 degrees for a high on Tuesday and a wind chill of 10 below.

Tuesday Night: Bitter Cold
Cold temperatures linger, with lows of 10 degrees for Tuesday night.

The area will begin to pull out of the deep freeze by Wednesday, when NWS predicts a "balmy" high of 30 degrees.


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