Neighborhood Volunteers Shovel Icy Sidewalks In Glover Park

Fed up with slippery sidewalks, Glover Park residents teamed up to clear the paths.

Snow-covered steps lead into a Georgetown park. (Photo by Michelle Peirano)
Snow-covered steps lead into a Georgetown park. (Photo by Michelle Peirano)
After last week's heavy snow and the following freezing temperatures, several sidewalks in Georgetown and Glover park went got really icy. 

A few residents in Glover Park got fed up with the situation and volunteered their time to clear off the ice.

Abigail Zinner wrote on her Greater Greater Washington blog that seven volunteers and some college students picked up "on the way" cleared Calvert street between 39th Street and Wisconsin Avenue.  

According to a neighborhood thread, they also notified the city government of the places that were not shoveled. 

But according to the District Snow Team, the city does not enforce sidewalk-clearing violations.  

Still, "It would be nice if homeowners and landlords took responsibility for the sidewalks in front of their properties," Zinner said in the blog. "But it was nice to see the community come together and make their streets safer."


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