Nesting Barred Owls Snap Up Hot Georgetown Real Estate

The owls make a call that sounds like "who cooks for you, who cooks for you".

A pair of barred owls, commonly known as "hoot owls", have recently taken up residence in a selective piece of real estate in Georgetown's East Village, choosing a tree in Montrose Park to make their home.

Montrose Park neighbors tell Patch they have noticed the calls of the owls and the National Park Service staff members have heard their calls in the same area, according to Ken Ferebee, a natural resource management specialist for Rock Creek National Park.

Barred owls are relatively common in Rock Creek Park, according to Ferebee.

"It is also likely that the owls are a mating pair and may be using the area for nesting. It is not uncommon for these owls to use the same area and nest trees for many years if undisturbed," Ferebee wrote in an email to Patch.

You can recognize these new neighbors for their distinctive call, which Ferebee said sounds like they are hooting, "who cooks for you, who cooks for you".

The birds tend to eat small animals like mice, squirrels and bats. Last September, several runners reported that barred owls were dive-bombing them in Rock Creek Park.


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