Norway Maple Cut Down in Volta Park

The tree was rotting from the inside, the Georgetown Current reports.

A large maple tree was removed from Volta Park early last week, much to the surprise of several nearby neighbors.

One neighbor posted a concerned message on the Georgetown list serv, asking why the tall tree next to the basketball courts had been removed.

The tree, a Norway Maple, was apparently dying and had to be cut down to prevent dangerous limbs from falling, The Georgetown Current reports.

The Current reports:

"Members of the Georgetown Garden Club and Friends of Volta Park said the tree’s removal had been in the works for a long time. The tree had already lost significant limbs, said Barbara Downs, a member of the Georgetown Garden Club’s civic committee. The groups also questioned the stability of the tree, which was located near a playground, basketball court and recreation center."

DDOT confirmed that the agency, which is responsible for the District's street trees, permitted the work by the Friends of Volta Park and the garden club to remove the dead tree.

Monica Hernandez, a DDOT spokesperson, explained that the tree was "structurally unsound and located within target rich environment," near cars and seating areas. Additionally the tree was deemed a "weed species."

Downs told the The Georgetown Current that Norway Maples, though planted widely in the District as street trees in the mid-20th century, are considered invasive species.

Read more about in The Georgetown Current report as posted on The Georgetown Dish.


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