STREET LEVEL: Georgetown Graduation Weekend 2011

Georgetown is transformed by parents and grads.

Georgetown was buzzing this weekend. It is graduation time for Georgetown University and the whole community gets involved whether we plan to or not.

The first clue to weekend festivities was the sign on that they would be opening at 6 a.m. on Saturday. By 7 a.m. there was a line out the door of well-dressed, but bleary-eyed parents. on 35th street and O was selling flowers and itinerant flower vendors were set up in front of . Food vendors were right next door.

Excited grads exited from decorated doors in their gowns and gathered in front of Healy Hall. Parents strained to watch. The ceremony began.

It was a beautiful day but getting hot. By the letter Z, the crowd was thinning and an hour after the ceremonies ended, the packing frenzy started. Dads crammed cars full. Storage companies were on-site. When the evening came, the recent grads took a break for fun, but in the morning, it was serious.

There were odd pieces of clothes on the streets. A sad bouquet of flower was laying in the trash. And by Sunday evening, the streets around the university were silent.  Hulking dumpsters and an old sofa were guarding the curbs. 

Graduation in Georgetown is over.


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