Taking a Taxi? Be Ready to Shell Out Some Storm Ca$h

Weather emergency ups DC taxi fares.

Snow emergency fare for DC taxicabs.
Snow emergency fare for DC taxicabs.
From the DCTC:

The Chairman of the DC Taxicab Commission (DCTC) today announces that the Snow Emergency Fare will go in effect to coincide with the declaration by the Mayor of a snow emergency. The fare will remain in effect for 12 hours unless extended as determined by the weather conditions.

The Snow Emergency Fare authorizes taxicabs to add a flat fee of $15.00 to the metered charge. The objective is to induce taxis to remain in service and be available to meet the transportation needs of the public.

Drivers are advised to monitor the DCTC web site to be aware of possible extensions or changes. Riders who believe they have been charged an excessive fare or who encounter service problems are advised to contact DCTC at 855.484.4966 or DCTC3@dc.gov and leave a brief message describing the issue.

Any extension is dependent on the weather and road conditions.  All motorists are advised to drive with caution especially over bridges, ramps and overpasses. 


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