Why Doesn't Bill Murray Like Washington, D.C.?

The actor is supposedly taking his penchant for party crashing on the road, but he won't be stopping in Georgetown, or will he?

Is actor and comedian Bill Murray embarking on an ambitious cross-country party tour?

It doesn't look legit, but it does look like something Murray would do. The 61-year-old actor is known for randomly appearing at strangers' parties in New York.

Humor website Super Official News claims Murray will be on tour starting in August, visiting 27 cities, the closest of which is Baltimore, supposedly set for Aug. 26. Murray never officially announced a tour himself, but it's fun to dream.

The only requirements, according to the website: alcohol and karaoke. Interested party organizers don't need to register. Just put up a banner on your house that says, "BILL MURRAY CAN CRASH HERE." If it's temporary you can probably bypass the ANC's regulations on font size for signs.

The website shows a group of people with such a banner in front of the White House. The president . Hey, maybe Murray will be visiting Washington after all. There's always the Lincoln Bedroom.

A phone number the website offers as a 24-hour tour hotline offers a joke recording and asks media callers to leave a message.

If all else fails, Murray could stay with family—his son Luke is assistant coach for the basketball team. The elder Murray appeared at the Tigers' home opener in November, .


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