Around the Web: Critics Review Unum

Unum, the newest addition to the Georgetown dining scene, opened at 2917 M St. in late January.

Unum, which opened in the former home of Mendocino Grille, features new American cuisine by Chef Phillip Blane, former sous chef at Equinox. The newest restaurant in Georgetown quickly received reviews from critics at The Washington Post and Washingtonian, among others.

So what did the critics have to say?

Tom Sietsma, The Washington Post's restaurant king-maker, declared that the latest M Street addition is "all over the map" in a good way. Sietsma focused on Blane's ability to take something standard and make it pop. A roast chicken was "succulent" and had "jolts of sass." He said one of his favorite items on the menu was vegetarian, "gnocchi flavored with rosemary and tossed with sauteed Brussels sprout leaves, butternut squash and cranberries."

Sietsma didn't hold his punches on the items that flopped in his estimation:

"Juiceless, smoked duck breast doesn't fly with me, however, and neither does the flabby grilled quail."

While Sietsma focused on the food, The Washingtonian offered its take on the decor. The redesign gives the small space a "cozy urban cabin with soft lighting" according to a post on the Best Bites Blog.

What about reviewers on the web?

So far there are seven reviews on Yelp, all very positive.

One user, Julia R., writes that she was there for the soft-opening and thought the foods was "so delicious." She recommended the caesar salad, among other items, "it's one of those dishes that makes you wonder why you don't always order Caesar salad (answer: because it's rarely this good)."

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