Four Georgetown Bars Dissed in Top 25 List

A list of D.C.'s more, er, notorious bars includes four Georgetown hot spots.

While other publications highlight the most chic or popular bars in the region, Complex.com decided to single out the 25 "worst" bars in the area. (Worst is a euphemism for the NSFW adjective the aforementioned publication chose to employ).

Four Georgetown area bars made the list, ripe with colorful descriptions. Whether you agree with them or not, here's some of what Complex had to say about these unlucky Georgetown bars: 

#3 : "Stay away from this place, unless you want to get stung by a WASP." Read more.

#6 Town Hall: "You're bound to drown in boat shoes..." Read more.

#8 George: "...Make sure to rock your best "Georgetown Outfit," complete with the proper polo, salmon pants, and the appropriate loafer." Read more

#16 : "As far as sports bars go, this is the place where dreams go to die." Read more.

So, not everyone loves what Georgetown has to offer. To each his own.

Want to see some good news for your favorite bar? Vote for "" in our Readers' Choice poll.

What do you think about this list? Do you agree with the criticism?


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