Obama, Biden Kids Dine out in Chevy Chase

Sasha Obama and two of the vice president's granddaughters were among the restaurant-goers in Friendship Heights last Friday night.

Friendship Heights inched up a few notches on the celebrity-spotting scale last Friday, when children of the president and vice president's son paid a visit to Rosa Mexicano for dinner.

Hunter Biden (son of Vice President Joseph Biden) and his wife, Kathleen, brought two of their daughters plus Sasha Obama and "an additional little friend" to the upscale Mexican restaurant, according to Caroline Schoen, general manager of Rosa Mexicano's Chevy Chase location (5225 Wisconsin Ave. NW, Washington, DC).

"The whole group enjoyed Rosa Mexicano’s signature tableside Guacamole; and while Hunter and Kathleen ate Enchiladas Suizas and Chicken Tacos, all four of the girls ordered Chicken Quesadillas and Jarritos Grapefruit Soda, [and] finished with Raspberry Sorbet over Mexican Spiced Chocolate with Cinnamon Sugar Sopapillas," Schoen reported.

"Sasha enjoyed the Sopapillas so much that she didn’t hesitate to dig into seconds (courtesy of the restaurant)," Schoen added.

Apparently, "the girls discussed going back to Sasha’s house for a sleepover, and left with a to-go box of Rosa Mexicano’s hand-made tortillas," Schoen noted.

If Rosa Mexicano comes to the restaurant spaces in the Georgetown Park Mall and Sasha comes back for those Sopapillas, could that earn the mall the cache residents are longing for? Perhaps not.

The Obama girls have been spotted from time to time in Georgetown as well. Last year they stopped by Thomas Sweet for ice cream with the President on Father's Day. Another time it was a birthday trip to Georgetown Cupcake.

Eva Vieira September 27, 2012 at 05:12 PM
Cupcakes and sopapillas? Does mama Obama know her kids (also hubby endulging himself fries and burgers at Five Guys or Ben Chilli's? ) have been eating high calorie and sugarish food? Maybe the first family should start practicing what they preach to every common children in the country. Just saying...


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