Steakhouse Courts Women with New Low-Cal Cocktails

Morton's is rolling out a new line of figure-friendly drinks.

A big, juicy Porterhouse, creamed spinach, fried potatoes and a "spa-tini" low-calorie cocktail. One of these things is not like the other.

But is trying to change the old-school perception of the classic steakhouse into something a little less gruff, a little more girly.

The restaurant will roll out its new line of spa-inspired martinis on .

"The restaurant attracts men," said Tania Arriaza, the sales and marketing manager at the Georgetown location. "But we have a lot of ladies in business and heads of businesses come and do big meetings and entertain clients."

The new cocktails, which include flavors like "The Skinny Rita," made with agave nectar, and "The Lean and Green," garnished with a cucumber "wheel," are intended to appeal to the female demographic, especially local business owners. 

Meaghan Calnan, a marketing specialist for the Georgetown Business Improvement District, said the BID does not keep statistics on the number of businesses owned by women in the neighborhood. Neither does the Georgetown Business Association, although President Joe Giannino said half of its 26-member board is made up of women.

These are the corporate clients the restaurant is trying to pull in, Arriaza said.

"Our geniuses in Chicago came up with the recipes," Arriaza said. "I love the cocktails."

These under-200 calorie "spa-tinis" will soon debut in Morton's restaurants throughout the region. Each will be priced at $14.


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