Tari Opening New Space for Emerging Designers

A private launch party Wednesday will be the culmination of two years of work.

Tari, a consignment boutique at 1525 Wisconsin Ave. NW, will fete its new addition, T Square, Wednesday with a launch party celebrating the new space for emerging designers.

Tari is celebrating Windows into DC: Cultural Couture, an initiative  funded in part through D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities (DCCAH). The showcase of emerging designers' work will splash across the windows of the Convention Center downtown. Tari represents Georgetown for the initiative.

"We found a need and wanted to support emerging designers," said Alide Sanchez, a managing partner at Tari.

The space above the consignment store will serve as an event location for local designers and fashion organizations. The party Wednesday for DCCAH and the DC Fashion Incubator (DCFI) is just one example of how the space could be used in the future.

Two years ago Tari began working the plans to add a rear addition and renovate the building at 1525 Wisconsin Ave. NW.

The plan went slightly off course when it ran into historic preservation concerns. The Citizens Association of Georgetown still has a case with the Zoning Administrator objecting to the permit issued for the new two story rear building behind the current Tari location.

Some of the neighbors "weren't happy" with the new extension, Sanchez explained. But she was optimistic that the issues might be resolved.

The event Wednesday requires an RSVP and space is limited.


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