Tony & Joe's Digs Out After Monday's Flood

Staff members spent the day clearing out spoiled items covered in Potomac mud.

Update 5 p.m.:

MRP Realty, the property manager for the Washington Harbour released a statement Wednesday evening about the progress on the waterfront property.

"We are working diligently towards our goal of readying both buildings for occupancy with full power and HVAC by Friday morning and will confirm this timing as we proceed."

Original Post:

Wednesday the businesses at the Washington Harbour are after Monday's flooding. Over the buzz of generators still pumping water from the flooded buildings, passersby could hear the sound of breaking beer bottles. Staff members from spent the afternoon hauling ruined beer and muddy restaurant gear from the waterfront eatery to a giant dumpster on K Street.

Francisco Samson, a bartender at Tony & Joe's, said he and many other staff members from the three waterfront restaurants owned by the D.C. Seafood group were pitching in to try to clear out the mess left by the flood waters.

"This is my livelihood" he said, as he tossed two more bottles of Bud Light clinking into the dumpster.

Samson said the hope was that the restaurant could reopen by the end of the week, but he was not sure.

Down on the waterfront a crew of workers in protective suits shoveled and swept the river mud from the boardwalk in front of .


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