CyanLine’s Fast Disk Acquisition System Wins Faceoff Against Popular Tableau TD2 Forensic Imaging Device

Tableau TD2 vs CyanLine FDAS
Tableau TD2 vs CyanLine FDAS

According to a recent demonstration proved CyanLine’s Fast Disk Acquistion System (FDAS) to be nearly 6 times faster, more accessible and cost effective; FDAS may soon overshadow the widely used Tableau TD2 in the market



Move over Tableau TD2, and make way for the ultimate forensic disk imaging device, the Fast Disk Acquisition System (FDAS) by CyanLine.


Law enforcement officers seeking the latest technology in 2014 to support their digital forensic investigations should consider FDAS when investing in forensic imaging systems.


While the Tableau TD2 is an industry leader, suitable to most budgets, CyanLine’s FDAS has proven its supremacy on numerous counts, according to a recent technology faceoff. Josh King, technology staff writer for Best In Class Magazine put the two systems side-by-side and compared their speed, accessibility and cost effectiveness.


FDAS’ Incredible Speed

Using an 80GB SSD with eSATA, the Tableau TD2 made a full forensic image and created a checksum in just over an hour.


CyanLine’s FDAS captured the same exact evidence in less than 11 minutes.


Although CyanLine’s system costs a little over $1,000 more than the Tableau, the fact that it is nearly six-times faster already makes up for its still considerably low cost.


Law enforcement officers and government agencies that use digital forensic imaging tools know the importance of speed in an investigation. Taking an hour to capture a few JGP files just won’t cut it for those using the device on a normal and frequent basis.


FDAS’ Instant Cloud Review Feature

CyanLine’s cutting-edge system also reigns supreme in its ability to allow users to review an entire forensic image instantly, over a cloud network, without having to download the information to a computer.


According to a recent press release, the system holds two RAID drives inside a sealed chassis, storing up to 1.5 TB of images in either dd or E01 formats. The resulting image is stored onto a target drive that is sealed within the FDAS unit.


Worried about the information leaking? No need to fear. Only authorized personnel with the proper role-based permissions can review the images over the network.


So, what does the Tableau TD2 have to offer? Forensic images can be reviewed via download after the forensic image has been captured.


No Need for Source Drives

Another notable feature of FDAS is that it does not require a source drive to take the forensic image. Tableau TD2 requires users pack their source drive, hook it up to the device, then take the image. Why bother with the bulk when CyanLine’s FDAS offers a ‘one-stop-shop?’


FDAS’ Ability to Collect Bonus Data

In addition to its speed, accessibility and price, FDAS also collects crucial metadata, or ‘data about the data,’ when capturing a forensic image. The system can tell how many times a device was turned on and its number of hours in use, two critical elements that can make or break an investigation.


The Bottom Line

According to King, the Tableau TD2 is still a remarkable device. It is easy to use, inexpensive, and as he puts it, a great resource for investigators who don’t often partake in digital forensic investigations.


However, if time is of the essence and digital forensic investigations are the norm, FDAS should be given a closer look, as its speed, accessibility, and long-term cost-effectiveness are unmatched.


About CyanLine

Based in New Jersey, CyanLine specializes in computer forensics and network security solutions to help individuals, companies, law firms, and law enforcement agencies on both a domestic and international level. Serving both victims of high-tech cyber crime, providing services in both a professional and confidential manner that is client-focused and results-driven. Designed with state-of-the-art technology, CyanLine’s products work to deliver quality, reliable results.


Forensic scientist and licensed private investigator, Steven Branigan, CEO, has made it his mission to create forensically sound products to advance the investigative industry. Renowned speaker and instructor, Branigan is an active member in the High Technology Crime Investigation Association (HTCIA), Federal Bureau Investigation’s Infragard, New Jersey License Private Investigators Association, and on the Digital Forensics Certification Board. Branigan is the author of High Tech Crimes Revealed and recently published an article in the Journal of Forensic Sciences. Branigan has received awards from the U.S. Secret Service and New Jersey State Police.



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