How to Triumph the Common Core State Standards and Emerge as a Winner


The new common core state standards that were designed for the betterment of the students are shifting the educational paradigm, opines Thompson, co-creator of the Parental awareness pertaining to Common core on Facebook. CCSS are the answer to the lack of preparation that an average American student faces when presented with career options. However, the common core state standards have become a pain in the neck for the parents as well as the teachers. Our family dynamics are going through a change too. Teachers are frazzled while the parents are frustrated.

While almost entire America struggles to implement the common core state standards, there are a few schools that have played their cards right. The community of tri-district schools arranged a training program for their teachers and the winners of the program were awarded Black Belt in Common Core.

The fact is we can hate it or we can adapt to it, but we cannot ignore CCSS. For the parents and the teachers who are not getting required help from their surroundings, PracTutor.com has come to their rescue. The teachers who are trained in Common Core State Standards developed PracTutor, an adaptive learning platform.

Let us face it, the sole ideology adopted by all the Asian nations, that has been performing far better than America, is the Parent Teacher Communication. Apart from being based on structured curriculum and offering virtually unlimited practice, PracTutor even offers a platform to the parents and Teachers to connect and communicate.

Within just a couple of months of its launch, PracTutor is being recommended by over 15,000 registered teachers and parents. There has been a through research on child psychology and teaching tools and methods before designing PracTutor, opines Hardik Parikh, co-founder of PracTutor. “We understand the friction that all the American Teachers, the school administrators, the parents as well as the students are experiencing. PracTutor is an adaptive platform that will help all.”

With features like upload and monitor progress of entire class at once, PracTutor is a school administrators true confidant. You can monitor the progress of an entire class and gauge success of the entire school with a few clicks. Parents recommend it as well for they get the updates of their child’s progress on regular basis. You need not login or keep tracking your child’s progress as it is mailed to you.

With the new shift in education standards, the children are feeling that they are being pushed towards studies and there is no time for fun. The students registered on PracTutor feel learning itself is fun. They have fun while they learn through the animated videos and feel awesome when they achieve the milestones.

PracTutor is offering a 50 percent discount on this Christmas to one and all. All you need to do is register at Practutor.com and use coupon code “XMASTREAT”. It is once in lifetime offer and is valid for a very limited duration. All the parents who want to prepare their children must avail the benefits. The program offers a free registration to all the teachers. The teachers can simply register for free and get benefit of all the teaching resources and applications.

To find out about the special offers and packages the school administrators can avail, you can call Hardik Parikh on (502) 400-9374 or write to him at hardik@practutor.com. All queries will be replied to without any obligations.

About PracTutor
PracTutor is a customized learning and practice environment to help students in Grades 1 to 8 master Math and English. We provide 1-to-1 mentoring for each student. We make the learning fun by introducing gamification and help parents and teachers track progress and get alerts whenever they need help.

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