New Poll Tests Evans for 2014 Mayoral Primary

The mayoral primary is 9 months away, but the polls are already starting.

The 2014 mayoral primary is April 1.
The 2014 mayoral primary is April 1.

A new telephone poll about the 2014 mayoral primary asked significantly more specific questions about Jack Evans (D-Ward 2) than any of the other potential candidates. 

The mayoral primary is April 1. 

Many District residents posted on Twitter that the calls reached their cell phones Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.

Patch reached out to the Evans for Mayor campaign and Press Secretary Jermaine House confirmed, stating, "We are currently conducting calls."
Two questions near the end of the poll were a familiar part of Evans' narrative: his much-touted relationships with developers and his long experience in serving the city. 
The poll asked: 
Is it a positive to have a good relationship with developers because then an official knows how to bring in the kind of enterprise the city needs to grow? 

Or does a relationship with businesses mean someone must be in the pockets of special interests?

Is it 
an overall positive to have served in office for a long time? Or a negative, because DC needs a change?

Or a negative, because DC needs a change?

These questions will be central to the debate residents can expect among the candidates as the race heats up. 

Among other things, the poll tackled both popularity of current and former District leaders: How did you feel about Marion Barry? Former Mayor Anthony Williams? Vincent Gray?

Then the poll got down to it: If the election was held tomorrow and the candidates were Bowser, Evans, Gray and Wells, who would be your first choice? Your second?

Then the poll transitioned to addressing specific issues, many of which have appeared in Evans’ stump speeches since he declared his candidacy.

Topics like bringing business and development into the city and the city's bond rating were touched. The questioner listed several of Evans' legislative accomplishments — from supporting the building of Nationals Park to his advocacy for gay rights — and asked the respondent to rate how important they were.

Residents can expect more polls from more candidates and more questions about what the District needs to move forward.


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