Georgetown Campus Alert Test to Sound Today

The two-minute test sounds like an air raid siren or loud train whistle and can be heard throughout the surrounding neighborhood.

Just before 1 p.m. today Georgetown University will test its Campus Alert and HOYAlert Systems. A siren will sound in a series of 30-45 second blasts lasting for a total of 2 minutes between 12:55 and 12:57 p.m., according to a notice on the university website.

The Campus Alert System, which sounds like a train’s steam whistle [check out this video of a previous test], is used in an emergency to alert people outside to seek shelter inside. The sound can be heard well beyond the Georgetown campus.

Additionally, Georgetown will send a test alert through the HOYAlerts Sytem via text message, non-GU phone, and non-GU email to people enrolled in the emergency notification system.

Both systems are tested at the start of each new semester.

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