What Do You Think of the New Metro Map?

Metro: Map is the result of months of customer research to identify the most effective ways to communicate new service patterns.

Metro's new map features "simplified" naming schemes for metro stations and information on the system's new enhanced rush hour, known as "Rush Plus."

Key features of the new map include updated station names, that have a "primary" name in bigger print with the "secondary" name(s) printed smaller beneath the main name. For example the primary name of Red Line station "Woodley Park" is in larger print and below it in smaller font is "Zoo/Adams Morgan."

Each line is now labeled in two-letter line codes, like "RD" for red. Additionally, service hours are printed directly on the map.

The map also uses dashed lines to depict special rush hour service.

"Rush Plus" expands service during rush hour to include 18 new Orange Line trains.  It "is designed to ease crowding, improve the commuting experience for Metrorail riders on the Orange, Blue, Green and Yellow lines, and prepare for the future Silver Line," according to the metro press release.


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