What's Up With Metro: Jan. 4 - Jan. 6

A look at what you need to know about Metro this weekend.

Taking the Metro to get around this weekend?

Blue, Yellow and Green line trains will operate on normal weekend schedules.

If you are taking the Red or Orange lines this weekend, you will want to read on.

According to a Metro news release:

Red Line

Red Line trains will single track between through two work zones:

  • Between Shady Grove and Twinbrook to allow for platform improvements.
  • Between Judiciary Square and Rhode Island Avenue to allow for installation of cable and signal components.

Throughout the weekend, trains between Shady Grove and Glenmont will operate every 24 minutes.  Between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday, additional trains will operate between Grosvenor and Judiciary Square, resulting in service an average of every 12 minutes between these stations.  Customers traveling through either work zone should allow 15 minutes of additional travel time.

Orange Line

Buses will replace Orange Line trains between Vienna and East Falls Church to allow for signal system integration with the new Silver Line extension.

Orange Line trains will operate normally--at regular weekend intervals--between East Falls Church and New Carrollton.  

Shuttle bus service between Vienna and East Falls Church will operate on two routes:

  • Express buses will run between Vienna and East Falls Church only.  Customers should add 15 minutes of additional travel time.
  • Local buses will run between Vienna and East Falls Church with intermediate stops at Dunn Loring and West Falls Church.  Customers should add 15 minutes of travel time for each stop.  (For example, a customer traveling from Dunn Loring to East Falls Church should allow 30 minutes for two stops.)


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