Mapping CT by Most Registered Voters per Capita

A look at which towns have the most registered voters and which actually get out the vote.

As we hone in on the most patriotic towns in Connecticut, this week’s map shows the state color-coded by the average number of registered voters percent capita (per capita times 100).

Based off population and registration data for the last 5 years (2009-2013) kept by the Connecticut Secretary of the State’s Office, the map shows voter registration ranges from a low of 38.38 percent in Hartford (average voter turnout 31.47 percent) to a high of 79.54 percent in Old Lyme (48.01 percent average turnout).

Find the top towns in Connecticut for voter turnout ranked here, as well as the 14 towns with the lowest averages.

Be sure to check out the first in our series on the most patriotic towns in the state: a look at the towns with the most veterans per capita and which wars local service members fought in.
Ann M. Soucy June 08, 2014 at 07:02 PM
Great article. I follow politics all the time. I live in Stafford however, according to this map, Stafford & Union are made to appear as one town and they are not. If the originator of the map would correct that, it would be appreciated. Are other towns made to appear as one with their neighbor(s)?


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