Cruz Control: How the GOP can save America

When I watched all 21 hours live of Ted Cruz's historic filibuster, I realized something. The current GOP is lacking something, a spine.

The first example: raising taxes on job creators. During the fictional "fiscal cliff" ordeal, the administration told everyone that the country would face real hardships if we didn't raise taxes on small business owners and others. Clearly the Obama machine doesn't respect business and private enterprise and is injecting its socialism into the mainstream American culture. So when the GOP has a chance to stop it, liberals like Paul Ryan (hiding in sheeps clothing) voted to pass a tax increase. Tax hikes goes directly against the core principles of our party's founder, Ronald Reagan.

The second example: debt ceiling. Everyone remembers 8/2011 for the debt ceiling standoff when some RINOs joined with real Americans tot ry
 to cut our runaway Obama debt downtown size. However around March, the establishment held our conservative heroes captive and forced more Obama socialism upon us by increasing the debt again. We could easily have not raised the DS and just make a 50% cut to all current spending and programs. It's time the takers learned a thing or two and stopped their freeloading.

the third example: OBAMACARE! Obamacare is a cancer spreading its communist Marxist propaganda about "fairness" and common decency and making sure people don't "die" from lack of insurance. All straight from the communist manifesto. As Michael Savage has taught us, Obama is probably not an American and is trying to baste this grit country in a socialism sauce, to transform it to a dependency class. The goal of the new Obamanomics is that rich is bad and poor is good, so Obamacare is based on these facts:

Fact 1 - The bill was passed illegally
Fact 2 - the Supreme Court may have been bribed we don't know for sure 
Fact 3 - there are death panels
Fact 4 - Obama loves drones and has yet to take a lie deector test (to my knowledge) about whether he is authorized to use drones on schools in Obamacare 
Fact 5 - The union bosses will probably get exemptions, this is unconstitutional because the President has no power to implement its own rules
Fact 6 - the bill is too long
Fact 7 - Sarah Palin is against it
Fact 8 - the bill authorizes Obama to rename all hospitals in the US after his heroes Bill Ayers and something weird.

These facts are very scary and the current GOP isn't even trying to defund it. That's because they want it.

In conclusion, the GOP is not against Obamacare and is hurting this country. Ted Cruz has shown us the way, don't actually govern, don't do the job the Beltway insiders want you to do. Just be as disruptive as possible, really shake things up. What can go wrong? Obama can't win again
Yooper October 03, 2013 at 06:18 PM
Fascinating post here. Hard to decide if "Rufus" is 1) just trying to impersonate a Teapublican or 2) actually has swallowed all the hokum peddled by Cruz, Palin, Savage and the rest of the right wing noise machine.
Rufus Jackson October 03, 2013 at 07:10 PM
Um actually 3 I am a true patriot American and I am proud of my tea party brothers and sisters. @R_Jackson1946 for more info about the truth.
Yooper October 04, 2013 at 09:05 PM
I'm not convinced. The poor grammar, misspellings, factual errors. and specious right wing blather suggest Tea Party, but it could still be a ploy.


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