I wrote a letter to my Congressman: Ami Bera, about Obama-care!

Go get them Congressman, Ami!
Go get them Congressman, Ami!

Dear Congressman: Mr. Bera

The work place in today’s American Societies; are always a danger to human health? This is a fact. The pay you receive from going to a typical job will never pay the bills.

So, the wages regardless how much or how little, considered to me, is obsolete for a family to live on. Some people believe if your making under a million a year, you our at the poverty-line? No joke! Professional sport athletes are just getting by these days.

Realistic jobs meaning, your average job making; $10 to $15 an hour, it would be imperative to have benefits to accommodate the wage in order to survive with some sort of heath balance, to have a family and hold a job!  It’s like, my wife and I believe that benefits are more important than the wage! That’s right!

Employers, that don’t pay benefits like my last--, Would brag about their wages, they were paying the employee’s $20 to $24 an hour. It was once quoted; by my manager, saying in an interview to a person, “the pay is so high that’s why we don’t have benefits!” The person being interviewed said to my manager and this is all according, to my supervisor, who sat in the interview with my manager.  He said “I don’t think so,” said the interviewee, the wage was not enough to cover as benefits too! No, he says to the manager. I have a (disabled child with a heart condition,) how is $20 or $24 an hour going to pay for his care, his surgeries, and then the person being interviewed, walk-out of the interview, telling my manager, I don’t think so, in excepting the job!

My point is you can’t trust (American Employers,) to properly take care of employees anymore, as far as benefits are concerned!

The government needs to step in or American people are going to start dropping dead. Obama-care - might not be such a bad thing?  It’s going to look like the Government and the States and their businesses are attacking the American people all for profit? Myself, I have had a recent leg surgery, on a leg injured in the military, this is my third surgery on that leg, my wife is losing her eye site in one of her eye’s and the doctor bills, just keep coming! Not to mention my son is diagnosed with Autism…

Mr. Bera, do you think for a minute, Sir? That any job I get, is going to cover such atrocities with my family in my life here in America…We both know the answer, to that, Mr. Bera. I just thought, I would tell you…




Sincerely Yours


Fox Muldeer

Your Constituent

DAV- Commanders Action Network

Past- Junior Vice Commander


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