Nasty Case of Allergic Dermatitis from Your Fitbit Force? DC Derm Docs Can Help

What Happened With the Fitbit Causing Contact Dermatitis
What Happened With the Fitbit Causing Contact Dermatitis

Millions of people are raving about the new wearable fitness devices that track steps and distance walked, calories burned, stairs climbed, and even hours spent sleeping.  The Fitbit Force, one such device, is a wristband that syncs to users’ computers, tablets and smartphones, making it easier than ever before to stay active and lose weight.

For some Fitbit Force wearers’ the wristband has caused more problems than benefits as they have been diagnosed with allergic contact dermatitis – an ugly, itchy and sometimes painful rash.  Fitbit executives believe that the dermatitis comes from either an allergic reaction to the nickel in the device’s stainless steel or possibly from materials in the strap.  Whatever the cause, Fitbit is voluntarily recalling all Forces and offering full refunds.

If you have a rash from a Fitbit, the first thing to do, says DC Derm Docs’ Dr. Marilyn Berzin, is to remove it altogether.  You can apply over the counter hydrocortisone cream as directed on the package.  If the rash doesn’t clear up or becomes worse, you may need to see a dermatologist for a prescription product.


Click here to learn about skin treatments offered by DC Derm Docs.  To make an appointment call (202) 822-9591.


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