When it is hot in Georgetown, where can you sit for free in the shade?

It is hot! You are walking the dog, going to CVS, picking up the dry-cleaning and...well, you need to get off your feet and watch the world go by.

I did not pick the patios where you can sit and sip or dine, but the benches that you can perch on and see Georgetown's activity.

picnic tables and umbrellas are free game later in the day. Ice cream, coffees and all sorts of food are consumed at the intersection of P street and Wisconsin Avenue. Across the street, at , ice cream and dogs and kids sit under the canopies or along the street. Perfect people-watching!

Down Wisconsin Avenue, a solitary bench sits in front of .  It is not big, but it is convenient for a hot pedestrian. Around the corner, on N Street, the famous Wingos' sports a bench! Watch out for the chicken wings at your feet, especially if you have a pooch- this is a great place to hear the clamor of local youths.

Hidden behind and across the Canal is a less public seat under the trees. You may need to share this little park with other visitors, but it is quiet and shady. Nearby, there is a secret bench on Cecil Place, in The Peppermill complex. This little gem is hidden, but if you are quiet, you can hide here forever.

Perhaps the most beautiful seats are in the new on K street. A lot of benches are full, people are picnicking and families are strolling. Sunset is not to be missed. A similar but more private view is in . Tucked away from the Key Bridge traffic are benches, partially hidden by leafy branches.

Finally, the most public, but friendliest bench may have to be the one in front of on M Street. You cannot help but get into a conversation with a nearby salad or yogurt customer. Dogs are especially welcome here.

Qi Spa July 19, 2011 at 12:04 PM
Papermill is a PRIVATE residential place. You shouldn't list this place on this list. The residents don't like it when an outsider come to sit there. It will be awkward to be asked to leave from a private property. Other commercial restaurants are different.
Judith Bunnell July 20, 2011 at 02:46 PM
I actually checked on that. The bench I am talking about is not indicated as "private" and I am guessing that Papermill got some zoning credit for creating "public space". The bench behind Georgetown Park is similar. Just a thought, but certainly anyone using any space needs to behave!


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