STREET LEVEL: Signs of Students and School

The subtle signs that the students are on their way back to Georgetown

Monday, D.C. Public Schools welcomed the Elementary and Middle School students back to the neighborhood. The area high school, Wilson, also opened its doors and invited students to a beautiful new building after a year of construction.

and the area colleges are just about ready to start the academic year. Georgetown dorms will be available on Thursday and classes start on Monday August 29. That means a big change to the neighborhood. And there are already signs that "change is gonna come!"

The University is preparing for the arrival of freshmen through seniors.  There are signs on the doors of university housing on 36th Street and nearby side streets about upcoming "Change Lock" day and trash policy. I saw one student struggling with keys either because the lock was new or unfamiliar. Her mom was trying to help by giving instructions from the curb.

There are also signs outlining "Stay Late" and "Early Arrival" policies, but for now everything is quiet except for the O and P Streets construction vehicles.

A newsbox waiting for the first fall issue of The Hoya sits empty on 36th Street. And a delivery waits returning students outside of one of the off-campus buildings on Prospect Street.

The merchants are also getting ready for the students. 's on 35th and O Streets is looking for staff and understands student scheduling needs. Xfinity is prepared to compete for student connectivity needs and is offering various student packages from the Georgetown University shuttle bus stop. 

Wingos on O Street is geared more toward the Hardy students. It promises to reopen after vacation on the first day of school. And G-land Uniforms on Wisconsin Avenue across from is the "Headqaurters for School Uniforms"!

Perhaps the biggest change is in the center aisles at . School supplies are carefully lined up and some basic housewares are on display. The staff at the pharmacy is prepared to help students sort through their parents health care plans. And I saw a student struggling up Wisconsin Avenue with a case of toilet paper.

In short, the students are back.


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