"The Most Deadly Middle East Conflict is Shia vs.Sunni"

Stay OUT of Syria
Stay OUT of Syria

I doubt that Muslims have much interest in the schism between the Catholic Church and the various Protestant groups and correspondently we 'Christians' have little interest or understanding of the divide between Shia and Suni in the Arab and Persian world.

A good summary of this issue by Dr. Kedar in his November Op-Ed piece is found at:  http://www.israelnationalnews.com/Articles/Article.aspx/14132#.UsrDXptVsVU in his article titled:  "The Most Deadly Middle East Conflict is Shia vs.Sunni".

1300 years of conflict between the sects is hard to summarize but one quote is telling:  "The struggle between the two groups has led to the development of great differences between the two in every area of religious life: religious laws are different, the theology is different, and even the basic scriptures are different".  

Recent reverses in Iraq, which undermined what the US and its allies accomplished in taking control of Anbar Province, have brought home to us the futility of involvement in the Arab/Persian theater.

US and Western casualties seem to have been for nothing and at this late date it seems to finally have occurred to our leaders that we should not invest any more lives in this conflict.

The radical calls of the Muslim fringe to attack the Great Satan and the West in general make a mockery of their supposed 'peaceful' religion.  The only positive thing to note is that the 13 century long divide between Suni and Shia keeps Muslims from even greater efforts to attack us.

As long as Muslims are busy killing each other they have less time to take up their Jihad against the West. 

Perhaps the best course of action for the West would be to simply stay out of it.

see also:  http://syriaproblems.blogspot.com/


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