Chris Brown Mugshot Leaks Online, from DC Arrest in October

Brown's trial date is Monday, April 21 in DC Superior Court.

Chris Brown mugshot; photo from WUSA-9, via Twitter
Chris Brown mugshot; photo from WUSA-9, via Twitter
Singer Chris Brown's mugshot, obtained by WUSA-9 from his DC arrest in Oct. 27 on a charge of misdemeanor assault, has shown up online. In the photo, the singer's hair is a peroxide blonde.

The headline-making celebrity is reportedly in a Hagerstown, Md. jail awaiting trial, WUSA-9 reports. (Another news outlet states he's being held at the "Northern Neck Regional Jail" in Virginia.) There have also been conflicting reports of how Brown was returned to DC with some reports saying he was flown while others say he was on a five-day bus trip from Los Angeles.

A trial for his body guard was expected to move forward in DC today (Thursday, April 17), after a judge on Monday refused a request by the singer to have his misdemeanor assault case dismissed. Brown's trial is scheduled for April 21.

The singer allegedly punched a man after he tried to have his photo taken with the singer outside of a DC hotel in October. Brown, 24, and his bodyguard are each facing a misdemeanor simple assault charge in connection with the incident, which occurred outside the W Hotel in downtown Washington.

The man who was punched, Parker Isaac Adams, 20, of Prince George's County, says he suffered a broken nose and other injuries to his face. Adams is suing Brown and a bodyguard for $1.5 million each. 

Brown maintains that he is innocent and that his security guard was protecting him and his property.

Adams said in the lawsuit that when Brown objected to the picture, he said he was not down with that “gay (expletive)” and punched Adams in the face. Adams also said that rather than posing, Brown objected and punched him in the face after saying, “I feel like boxing.” 

Robert April 18, 2014 at 04:17 PM
hey murderworth he has absolutely no reason to hold his head up high. He is a no talent woman abusing bully who noone wants to be around. By no means a racist here....please don't take it that way. He is simply bad news wherever he goes and whatever he does.
Mary Ann Barton April 20, 2014 at 02:13 PM
Feel free to comment, but please keep the language clean; thank you!
Robert April 20, 2014 at 05:40 PM
Mary Ann....it's so hard to keep it clean when you are talking about that disgrace to humanity.


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