MPD and Private Cameras to Watch Over Georgetown

Private cameras and cameras linked to the MPD system are new tools for Georgetown law enforcement

Cameras operating on two different networks will record street activity on Georgetown's main shopping districts and in "gateway" areas to the neighborhood.

"I, personally, am a proponent [of the cameras]. Any tool I can have in my tool box, I'll take," said Lt. John Hedgecock.

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The Citizens Association of Georgetown has made headlines recently for their expanded public safety program, . The CAG cameras will record video over the course of 30 days and then automatically delete it.

"No one is watching the film unless there is a crime," explained CAG's Richard Hines at the Georgetown Advisory Neighborhood Commission meeting on Sept. 4.

Georgetowner Bill Dean, CEO of M.C. Dean, Inc., donated cameras for the CAG pilot program and CAG is seeking funding assistance to pay for future additions.

The Georgetown Business Improvement District (BID) is also installing cameras.

"It's another piece to provide an extra level of public safety to Georgetown," said John Wiebenson, the BID deputy executive director of operations.

Ten cameras will be placed on poles along M Street and tied directly into the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department network.

"The folks that we want to be able to see anything going on in Georgetown will have access to it whenever they need it," he explained.

The CAG camera pilot program is already in place and the BID expects its cameras to be operational by the end of September.


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