Officers of the Month: Bryant, Wishnick, Diemer, Jackson

The Second District recognized four officers whose hard work made them stand out over the last two months.

Each month at the Second District Citizens Advisory Council meeting, Commander Michael Reese recognizes one or more officers for his or her hard work over the previous month.

The 2D Officers honored for the last two months were:

Officer Alton Bryant, Jr: On Jan. 5, Officer Bryant chased down and arrested a man who had kicked and broken the glass door at the Second District HQ.

Officer Miriam Wishnick: According to CAC Chair George Corey, Wishnick was recognized for her "consistent positive attitude and unstoppable determination in crime investigations." She was chosen for the Officer of the Month award for the last two months in a row.

Officer Michael Diemer: According to CAC Chair George Corey, Officer Diemer has made numerous arrests recently and has a "consistent hard charging mode of operations." The CAC also congratulated him on his recent marriage.

Officer David Jackson: Jackson was unable to attend and no account was given of his work. But, arrest reports show that a 2D Officer named Jackson made three arrests in the 14th Street area in December and January: one for marijuana possession and two others for vending without a license.


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