'Potomac River Rapist' Continues to Elude FBI

Authorities say recent publicity blitz has produced strong leads in the investigation.

Authorities say fewer than 10 men have volunteered to submit DNA samples for analysis after law enforcement officials began a "

The Associated Press reports "investigators have met with some men," and analysis of the DNA is underway.

Police are looking for a man they believe is connected to nine attacks against women between 1991 and 1998, most of which occurred in Montgomery County. He is also believed to be responsible for Mirzayan, 28, was walking home before she was sexually assaulted and murdered in a wooded area off of Canal Road.

More information about the investigation and a composite sketch of the suspect is available on the FBI's website.

C.D. February 11, 2012 at 01:40 AM
These events happened 15 years ago? Has anyone else noticed that Arlington has been hit by an epidemic of armed robberies? Obviously Patch hasn't.
Sharon February 11, 2012 at 05:07 AM
C.D., PATCH is being kept busy trying to cover the epidemic of armed robberies in Gaithersburg & Montgomery Village while the Village Board is 'get to go' on allocating a $50,000 budget to advertise (PR endeavor) what a wonderful & family-oriented community the Village is. The Manson Family! Say what?!!!!!
Janet February 11, 2012 at 11:41 AM
Patch is owned by AOL and is headquartered in New York. Clarendon-Rosslyn Patch Editor doesn't live in Arlington. Patch gets its advertising revenue from promoting Smart Growth corridors as places where Yuppies frolic and the streets are paved with gold. Armed robberies? What armed robberies?
Sean R. Sedam February 11, 2012 at 01:16 PM
http://clarendon.patch.com/articles/courthouse-plaza-convenience-store-robbed-at-knifepoint http://clarendon.patch.com/articles/police-three-men-jailed-in-armed-robbery-of-10-cell-phone
Sean R. Sedam February 11, 2012 at 01:16 PM
These armed robberies: http://clarendon.patch.com/articles/courthouse-plaza-convenience-store-robbed-at-knifepoint http://clarendon.patch.com/articles/police-three-men-jailed-in-armed-robbery-of-10-cell-phone


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