Raid of D.C. Political Contributor's Office Gives Candidates Fodder

Federal agents raided Jeff Thompson's office Friday; he is a major political donor to D.C. officials.

Federal agents raided the home and offices of Jeff Thompson — owner of Chartered Health Plan, the city’s single-largest contractor — Friday. Monday political candidates were quick to link Thompson to their incumbent opponents.

According to The Washington City Paper, federal agents raided Thompson's home and office Friday, though they did not make any arrests or file any charges. 

Thompson has made and raised thousands of dollars in contributions for nearly all of D.C.'s elected officials, according to The Washington Post.

About the raid's significance, The Post wrote, "Friday’s actions are the latest indication that federal authorities continue to investigate corruption in city government."

Monday, At-large Candidate for the D.C. Council, Peter Shapiro, issued a press release demanding action and explanations from Councilmember Vincent Orange. Shapiro pointed to the $100,000 in contributions, which the Washington City Paper caculated last year, Orange received from Thompson or from those connected to Thompson.

"Vincent Orange, who has campaigned as an ethics reformer, is obligated to explain to voters his connection with Jeff Thompson," said Shapiro in a prepared statement.

Sekou Biddle, also running against Orange, wrote in a press release, “We need ethical leaders who serve the residents of the District and not their own financial interests," according to The Washington Post.

But Orange told the Post that there has been no allegations of wrong doing and that he "feels good" about his campaign.

According to the Washington City Paper, the only sitting member of the District Council not to receive a contribution from Thompson is Ward 6's Tommy Wells.


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