Viola Drath, Murdered in Georgetown, had Violent Relationship with Husband

Viola Drath and her husband, Albrecht Muth, had a volatile relationship that often had the two in court.

Viola Drath, who was murdered in her Georgetown home Friday, had a volatile and at times violent relationship with her second husband, Albrecht Muth.

Though Drath's death was initially deemed not suspicious, an autopsy report performed Saturday determined that she had been murdered, according to MPD.

Police searched Muth and Drath's Q Street home Sunday. Police have not made any arrests, though a cruiser has been stationed in front of her house since Sunday.

Muth, told The Washington Post in an email that to his knowledge, he is the primary suspect in the investigation. “There being to them no one else who could have done it. . . . I take no issue, [I’m] the first one to look to, so look, and then look beyond.”

Drath secured several protective orders against Muth, according to D.C. Superior Court records, The Washington Post reports.

Acording to the Post, Drath sought a protective order against her husband in 1992.

In one court document from 2008, Drath told police that her husband had attacked her with a chair and prevented her from leaving to seek help. But she later dropped the case against Muth before the trial.

Muth told the Washington Post that his marriage to Drath was a “marriage of convenience” with “clear terms.”

Muth told the Post that in 2002 after Drath kicked him out of her home because of another altercation, Muth moved in briefly with Donald Davis, a man with whom he had a romantic relationship.

Davis told the Post that  later sought his own protective order against Muth, who he said had threatened him when their relationship did not work out.

A police officer stationed out front of the home Monday evening would not comment on why he was standing watch over the block.


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