Councilmembers Call for Gray's Resignation

Mayor Vincent Gray's 2010 Campaign is under federal investigation

Councilmembers David Catania, Mary Cheh and Muriel Bowser have each said Mayor Vincent Gray should resign after recent revelations of fraud and a $653,800 shadow campaign bring into question the validity of his election in 2010.

by obscuring and not reporting campaign expenses and contributions.

In an interview with Fox 5 news Wednesday, Councilman David Catania was the first to call for Gray's resignation.

Catania said if he were in Gray's position. "I would have said 'Regardless of whether or not I knew anything, and I didn't, such a cloud has been placed over my government and my legitimacy as mayor that I believe it's in the best interest to end this distraction and I am resigning effective tomorrow noon.' That's what he should have done."

Cheh followed shortly thereafter and released a statement to the media Wednesday.

“Today, I join Councilmember Catania in calling on Mayor Gray to resign. Whether or not he knew of the massive election fraud that was taking place in his name, he is responsible for it," said Cheh in a prepared statement.

Bowser joined the fray later in the evening, according to several news sources.

During a press conference Wednesday, Gray told reporters, "," referencing the .

Cheh said she was sad to ask Gray to step down, calling the mayor a man of "integrity and commitment to the people of the District of Columbia." 

"But the facts cannot be ignored and what has happened since has caused incalculable harm to the District. I believe that he would do a great public service if he would step aside now“ said Cheh in the press release.

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