DC Votes: Morning at the Polls

Georgetown, Burleith and Glover Park voters faced long lines and cold weather Tuesday morning.

Hour-long waits in the cold were the norm Tuesday morning as D.C. voters lined up to vote in the 2012 Presidential Election. Whether Democrat, Republican or Independent, focused on national or local issues, voters in Northwest Washington, D.C. overwhelmingly said they were happy to be voting, even if their D.C. voice has less sway than those in other states.

Christ Church in Georgetown opened its doors to the first voters at 7 a.m. sharp, as the line ran south on 31st Street NW and wrapped around Dumbarton Street, NW.

Georgetown resident Ted Casey was at the end of the line for precinct 5 when the polls opened. This was his first time voting. Though he was eligible to vote in the last election, he did not and he said that decision has weighed on him since. He said he "felt compelled" to come out and vote in this election and was largely focused on the importance of the presidential race.

Another Georgetown voter, Jessica, was third in line to vote at precinct 5. She waited in the cold because she is "disappointed in the trajectory of our country," she said. She was less informed about local issues, but said she voted for Jack Evans because he has done a "nice job" for the neighborhood.

In Glover Park, voter Rick told Patch that he voted for President Barack Obama because "he has done a great job" even though he was "handed a tough deck."

The line at Glover Park's Guy Mason Recreation Center for Precinct 11 snaked around the pathway into the parking lot. Glover Park resident Nicole told Patch that the scene inside was "chaotic" and that she had seen several potential voters eye the line and decide it was not worth it.

For Kevin, a father of two Stoddert Elementary students, the 45-minute wait to vote was worth it. More for his tow-headed daughter's sake than his, he said he was encouraged that so many people were "exercising their rights."

To the cheer of his small daughter, Kevin said he voted for Barack Obama and that he is "hopeful for the outcome" of today's election.

It was the same story of long lines in Burleith at the Duke Ellington School for the Arts, Precinct 6. Tom, a Burleith resident, said this is his first time voting in D.C. He used to vote in New Jersey, but he was able to register this morning at the polling location.

For Tom, ethics were a big part of his decision to vote for David Grosso for the at-large seat on the District Council. And though his vote may have meant more if he was still voting in NJ, he said he wanted to be more engaged in his community. He said he thinks he gets the best of both worlds, by voting locally and then spending the rest of his day volunteering to drive people to the polls in nearby swing state Virginia.

Note: Come back to Patch after the polls close Tuesday for updated precinct-by-precinct results from your neighborhood polling location.


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