DDOT: Water Your Street Trees

As a dry summer winds down, street trees still need watering.

District Department of Transportation is asking residents to adopt their street trees and take ten minutes a week to water them. The Canopy Keepers program is still accepting volunteers from around the District.

“Summer heat and the urban environment create intense stress for street trees,” said John Thomas, Chief Forester for D.C. in a press release. “DDOT crews are providing a base of water support to more than 4,200 trees we planted this year and will do the same for thousands more new trees we are preparing to plant this fall. To ensure all these young trees receive the consistent water they need to thrive, however, we are asking for the public’s help.”

DDOT’s Canopy Keepers are given free watering rings and are asked to fill the 10-gallon ring once a week, which takes an estimated 10 minutes. Over 3,000 district residents, businesses, organizations and property managers throughout the city, according to the news release.

To adopt a tree you may visit ddot.dc.gov/canopykeepers online, scan a Quick Response code hanging on any tree or call 311.


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