December Trial Date Set for Albrecht Muth

The March 25 trial date was vacated last week.

Judge Russell F. Canan set a new trial date of Dec. 2 for Albrecht Muth, the Georgetown man charged with the murder of his wife, Viola Drath, according to court records.

Last week the court ruled that Muth's poor health, due to an ongoing fast, made him unable to appear in court and proceed with trial. His March 25 trial date was vacated at that time.

Drath was murdered in her Georgetown home in August 2011. Muth, her significantly younger husband, is charged with her murder. He claims he had nothing to do with her death and that it was actually a hit by Iranian agents gone wrong.

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Mark Filiatreau December 06, 2013 at 09:01 AM
Patch, you've had 6 months to turn the photo above right-side up. Can you do it now? Does anyone check the published pages?


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