'Disorganized' Polling Sites Test Patience in Georgetown, Glover Park

Residents reporting confusing instructions, policies at polling places.

During the lunch time rush, voters reported disorganized and confusing policies at several polling locations. 

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At Christ Church, voters who had been in line for more than an hour as of noon were being passed over in line for voters whose last names started with less common letters in the alphabet.

A Christ Church employee was assisting the election workers at Precinct 5 calling for voters. "I through M, follow me, please," he yelled, much to the dismay to voters at the front of the line.

Several of the waiting voters expressed frustration, but basically said they expected as much from voting in the District.

Dale Loy and her husband Frank Loy stood in line at Christ Church in Georgetown this afternoon waiting to vote. They said they have lived in Georgetown for 50 years, and have “never waited in line” to vote before.

Julie Doerschlag waited in line for one hour and thirty minutes. She called the process "a little clunky” and thought calling names in alphabetical order was holding things up.

Clifford Tatum, the executive director of the Board of Elections and Ethics, told Patch that check-in clerks using alphabetical order to sort the poll books inside a precinct was not a new policy. Though calling voters from line is not a "current procedure" per se, the BOEE does allow for "creative ways" to address long lines.

Georgetowner Caitlin Belfield said from the time she was in line to the time she finishing voting an hour had passed. Once she was out of line and inside, she said everyone was very helpful, even if the polling station was a little squished inside.

Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Bill Starrels said he and several people he was standing with in line Tuesday morning noticed that the configuration inside Precinct 5 had been changed, making less room for people to line up inside.

Precinct 5 was not the only location using the alphabetical sorting process. An election worker at Precinct was calling out sections of the alphabet to voters there around 1 p.m. Tuesday.

Read what voters were saying about voting Tuesday morning.

And come back to Patch after the polls close Tuesday for updated precinct-by-precinct results from your neighborhood polling location.


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