District, Federal Governments Open Wednesday

Gray: Public and private partners working to get D.C. 'back to business as usual.'

Both the District and Federal governments will be open Wednesday as area businesses and residents continue to recover from the effects of Hurricane Sandy.

Mayor Vincent Gray said the District government was true to its word when he said D.C. was prepared for whatever Sandy had to offer.

“I want to thank the government workers and private partners who were on the job before and during the storm, and those who will continue working hard during this recovery period to return everything to normal and get the District back to business as usual," said Gray in a press release.

Prior to the storm, Gray requested and received a presidential disaster declaration for the District, meaning the city could request federal assistance as needed to increase resources and reduce extra storm-related costs.

"I also want to thank our residents for heeding our warnings to stay inside during the worst of the storm, and we appreciate their patience as we get the District back up and running in its aftermath,” said Gray in the press release.

Federal agencies in the D.C. area will also be open Wednesday, though employees have the option to request unscheduled leave or unscheduled telework, according to the Office of Personnel Management operating status update. To read about appropriate policies, employees can check the OPM website.


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