Updated: Federal and District Governments, DCPS Closed Tuesday

Hurricane Sandy prompts second day of District-wide closures.

Updated 3:52 p.m. Oct. 29:

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has just announced that the federal government will be closed for a second day, Tuesday in response to Hurricane Sandy.

According to the OPM website:

Non-emergency employees (including employees on pre-approved paid leave) will be granted excused absence (administrative leave) for the number of hours they were scheduled to work unless they are:

  • required to telework,
  • on official travel outside of the Washington, DC, area,
  • on leave without pay, or
  • on an alternative work schedule (AWS) day off.


Original Post

Mayor Vincent Gray has closed the District government and DC Public Schools (DCPS) for Tuesday, citing expected impacts from Hurricane Sandy. The storm is expected to cause power outages and flooding throughout the region.

Georgetown University campuses are also closed Tuesday.

“Because this storm is expected to continue affecting the region with strong winds for the rest of the night and into tomorrow morning, we think it’s in the best interest of public safety to close our government offices and public schools again tomorrow,” said Mayor Gray in a press release. “This is also prudent move because we do not yet know how power outages will affect facilities across the District.”

The mayor urged residents to shelter in place and avoid being outdoors during the storm's peak impact, expected to take place late Monday into early Tuesday.

The District government’s coordinated response to Hurricane Sandy will be updated at this website: http://hsema.dc.gov/page/hurricane-sandy.

The National Weather Service has already issued a flood warning for Rock Creek and anticipates the Potomac River reaching flood stage Wednesday.

Gray has declared a state of emergency and President Barakc Obama approved Gray's request for an emergency declaration for the District of Columbia. District officials have access to resources from the Federal Emergency Management Agency and other federal resources for the duration of the storm and its aftermath.

For complete coverage of Hurricane Sandy's impact on Georgetown, click here.


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