FBI Continues Push to Locate Former Agent Robert Levinson, Abducted 7 Years Ago

Retired agent was in Iran when he was abducted.

Photo, apparently of Robert Levinson, sent to his family. (Photo from FBI.)
Photo, apparently of Robert Levinson, sent to his family. (Photo from FBI.)

Seven years after his abduction in Iran, the FBI is continuing its push for retired agent Robert "Bob" A. Levinson.

Pictures of Levinson in an orange jumpsuit and holding a sign were anonymously emailed to his family in 2011 along with a "proof of life" video, but a $1 million reward has failed to lead to his safe recovery.

Levinson is a retired FBI agent who traveled to Kish Island, Iran, as a private investigator on March 8, 2007. He has not been publicly seen or heard from since his disappearance on March 9, 2007.

His wife, Christine Levinson, has said he was also working for U.S. intelligence. “He was working as a consultant for the CIA,” she told CBS News. “He was also a private investigator. He was able to do both at the same time in his travels.”

Levinson’s family released a 57-second video in 2011 showing the retired agent, looking gaunt, pleading for U.S. intervention to secure his release.

If you have information about the Levinson case, contact your nearest FBI office or American Embassy, or submit a tip to tips.fbi.gov.



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