Georgetown is Top Neighborhood for D.C. Republican Convention Delegates

Four Georgetown residents are delegates and two are alternatees at the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa.

More Georgetowners are taking part in the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa this week as delegates and alternates than residents of any other District neighborhood. D.C.'s Republican Delegates are chosen based on which candidate wins the primary; those who signed on with Mitt Romney before the primary get to go for picking the right horse.

D.C. Republican Delegation has 16 delegates and 16 alternates. Four Georgetowners are delegates and two more are alternates. More of D.C.'s delegates and alternates live in Georgetown's 20007 Zip Code than any other in the city.

Georgetowners backing Romney in Tampa include Bob Pence, who recently for Romney and has already given $350,000 to the pro-Romney Restore Our Future Super PAC, and Tom Korologos, who served as Ambassador to Belgium from 2004-2007 under George W. Bush and has attended every Republican National Convention since 1972, according to his biography at DLA Piper.

D.C. Republican Patrick Mara, for whom in the Special Election for the District Council At-Large seat in April 2011, is blogging about the convention for DCist.

In his initial post Mara explained that D.C.'s Republicans are lodging in the same hotel as delegations from other states "where the endangered species of moderate Republicans still exist," like Delaware, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont:

"I've only heard of one skirmish at the Wyndham thus far: a Delaware delegate mocked D.C. for its lack of Republicans.

My reply: I am not a witch."

Georgetow delegates include:

Tom Korologos 3150 South St., NW 20007

Robert Pence 3030 K St., NW 20007

Jayne Plank 1406 35th St., NW 20007

Henry Werronen 3122 N St., NW 20007

Georgetown alternates include:

Brian Baker 1542 34th St., NW 20007

Michael Pillsbury 3017 O St., NW 20007

Though Georgetown Patch put out a call for bloggers among the Republican delegation, we did not receive any responses. If you are a delegate and are interested in blogging, please email Editor, Shaun Courtney, shaun@patch.com.


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