Georgetown Murder Suspect Refusing Medical Treatment

Albrecht Muth continues his fast and is now refusing medical treatment.

Albrecht Muth, the Georgetown man , asserting his right to refuse any and all medical treatment as he enters into the second month of a hunger strike.

At a preliminary hearing Nov. 18, Muth told Judge Russell F. Canan that he would begin an "unlimited fast" on Nov. 20. In his note dated Jan. 12, Muth said he would begin a more intense hunger strike Jan. 16.

"Under no circumstances whatsoever am I to be given medical treatment," he wrote.

He continued that he was petitioning the court to enforce his wish, which he says is a matter of faith and his right under the U.S. Constitution.

When Patch previously contacted the D.C. Department of Corrections regarding Muth's hunger strike, spokeswoman Sylvia Lane wrote, "He is monitored daily by medical staff, receives daily meals, nutritional supplements as well as nutrient rich fluids."

It remains unclear whether the prison would be obligated to respect Muth's request for no medical intervention if it meant his death.

Patch contacted Lane last week to determine what obligations the medical team has to prisoner's wishes when his actions could possibly lead to his own death. Lane told Patch she would look into the situation, but has not responded with any additional information. 

Tom Feeney, a spokesperson for D.C. Superior Courts, told Patch that if an inmate died while awaiting trial, the prosecutor would file "a suggestion of death" and dismiss the case.

A status conference on the case is scheduled for Feb. 3 at 9:30 a.m. A trial is set for Oct. 9.


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