Ginkgo Tree Spraying Begins Thursday Night

Several streets in Georgetown will have their female ginkgo trees sprayed to prevent odors.

DDOT Trees will begin spraying Georgetown's female ginkgo trees Thursday night. The female trees are notorious for the strong odor they give off in the spring, but spraying helps prevent the unpleasant scent.

The agency will spray Shield-EC (also known as sprout nip), which has been used for the past several years, according to a press release from DDOT Trees.

The spraying will take place overnight and residents do not need to move their cars, according to DDOT.

The Following Georgetown streets could be treated beginning Thursday night:

  • R Street between 27th and 31st Streets
  • Avon Place South of R Street
  • Cambridge Place
  • 26th Street between East Place and O Street
  • 27th Street from Poplar Street to Olive Street
  • Olive Street from 27th Street to 30th Street
  • Potomac Street from O Street to M Street
  • Prospect Street between 36th and 37th Streets
JH April 06, 2012 at 12:30 PM
Spray K. Olbermann and C. Matthews too. There is a very strong odor coming off those two turkeys.


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