Gray Draws Distinctions Between Campaign and Administration

Gray: 'This is not the campaign that we intended to run'

Mayor Vincent Gray asked reporters and constituents to draw a fine line between his campaign for mayor, which has faced serious legal scrutiny of late, and the work his administration has done since he took office.

"This is not the campaign that we intended to run," Gray told reporters, referencing the .

Tuesday, by obscuring and not reporting some $653,800 in campaign expenses and contributions.

"More than a year ago I was the one for who called for an investigation of my own campaign," Gray reminded reporters.

He said he wanted to become mayor "for the right reasons" for the city he loves.

"I’d invite you and others to take a look at what this administration has done," said Gray in response to a reporter's question during the press conference Wednesday.

Gray pointed to the drop in the unemployment rate, public safety and even the green alley program that brought reporters to an alleyway in Northeast Wednesday.

The federal investigation into the Mayor's 2010 campaign continues.


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