Greig Campaign Calls Potential Donors 'Homosexual' and 'Super Wealthy'

The characterizations were included in an report accidentally filed with the Office of Campaign Finance.

A D.C. Council candidate included a list of fundraiser targets in a report filed with the city's Office of Campaign Finance, and the list identified a potential donor as "homosexual" and another as "super wealthy."

The report was filed by Fiona Greig, the Democrat who is trying to oust longtime D.C. Councilman Jack Evans from his Ward 2 seat. 

The list, an Excel spreadsheet, was included in an exploratory committee report filed electronically by the Committee to Elect Fiona Greig on Sept. 30. Greig said she was not aware of the mistake until several weeks later.

“This was my first filing,” Greig said. “I included an … extra spreadsheet that was not supposed to be there.”

A campaign volunteer compiled the list during a rapid-fire brainstorming session that included Greig.  “I know for a fact that I didn’t use those words,” she said. “I take full ownership for the content. … I can see how they would be offensive.”

The spreadsheet lists the names of 44 individuals and businesses that the Greig campaign identified as potential donors, and it included a column for comments about them. The man referred to as a homosexual was a Greig coworker. Another man is labeled as “glover park, super wealthy.”

"(The labels) really, really don’t reflect my personal views and how I view these things," Greig said during a telephone interview. "I’m deeply concerned. I feel really apologetic. ... I’m very supportive about the LGBT agenda."

The list is no more than "chicken scratch notes taken by a volunteer," she said.

It includes misspellings and identifies some family friends as potential contributors. The list mentions an event at the Oval Office. The meaning of some of the comments is not clear.

The volunteer who wrote the list, one of Greig's supporters, remains part of the campaign team, Greig said.

Councilman Jack Evans confirmed that his campaign obtained a copy of the list through the Office of Campaign Finance in October. He chose not to comment on the content of the spreadsheet.

Wesley Williams, the public affairs manager at the Office of Campaign Finance, told Patch on Friday morning that the list had been deleted from public record. Later, Williams said the spreadsheet had only been deleted from an amended version of Greig's exploratory committee report, but could be obtained by requesting a copy of the original report.

Patch submitted a Freedom of Information Act request for the original report.

Greig denied asking the office to amend her file. She said she re-submitted the intended report in October when she realized her error.

Jamie M. Rogers November 06, 2011 at 09:59 PM
Very interesting, Shaun!


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