In Unofficial Results, Patrick Mara Takes Georgetown

Low voter turn out across the city leaves the race close in the early hours after polls have closed.

In a special election , Georgetown was no exception, despite a in voters in the evening. Unofficial results show Patrick Mara taking the day in Georgetown with Sekou Biddle next, followed by Bryan Weaver. Early voting, absentee and other special ballots will still need to be counted.

Precinct 5, which voted at the , had a total of 291 voters today for 7.3 percent of registered voters. Precinct 6, had 341 voters come out, making up a mere 6.1 percent of those registered to vote at the .

Candidate Precinct 5 Precinct 6 Total Biddle 56 42 98 Brown 1 10 11 Douglas 2 2 4 Haile 1 0 1 Lopez 3 10 13 Mara 176 209 385 Orange 21 31 52 Page 1 4 5 Weaver 29 43 72 Write-in 1 0 1

Check back with Patch for updates on the rest of the city.

Judith Bunnell April 27, 2011 at 12:00 PM
Do you have stats for the precinct that votes at Christ Episcopal Church?
Shaun Courtney (Editor) April 27, 2011 at 01:28 PM
Judy, this year the Christ Church Precinct (Precinct 5) moved to the Neighborhood Library because of a scheduling conflict with the church. So the results are there!


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